Purposes of the Foundation

1.  To broaden the financial base for student leadership activities.

2.  To provide increased opportunities in leadership and career    
development through Family & Consumer Sciences and 
related areas.

Board of Directors

The direction and management of the business of the Illinois Foundation for FCCLA
is done by volunteers who make up the Foundation Board of Directors.  Those
who serve on the Illinois Foundation for FCCLA do  not receive an honorarium.
Each volunteer assumes all of their own expenses to the meetings.

Donations to the General Fund are used for:
                 Ignite! Conference - FCCLA members attending this leadership training will be involved in hands-on interactive
                                                     activities and workshops.  The opening session includes a keynote speaker.  During
                                                      the training, attendees receive resources that are useful for helping their chapter
                                                      carry out projects throughout the year.

                 Fall Leadership Meetings - Each October/November 5 Fall Leadership Meetings are held in various locations
                                                      around the state.  Chapters may choose to attend any one of these one day meetings
                                                      by which site or date best fits their chapter needs.  FCCLA members attending these
                                                      awesome leadership meetings are involved in interactive workshops and presentations.  
                                                      A dynamic keynote speaker presents at all 5 locations.  Each of the sites conducts both
                                                      an Illinois Foundation for FCCLA activity and a Community Service Outreach Project.

                 June Leadership Training -  There are 6 Illinois FCCLA State Officers elected each April at the Illinois FCCLA
                                                      Annual Leadership Conference.  Each officer has a local Family & Consumer Sciences
                                                      teacher/adviser.  The state officers and their advisers receive custom designed
                                                      intensive training that includes public speaking techniques, goal setting, meeting
                                                      planning, workshop techinques, public relations, parlimentary procedure, team
                                                      building and resources for their year of service.

                 State Leadership Conference -  At the Illinois FCCLA Annual Leadership Conference in April, members
                                                      demonstrate skills through participating in competitive proficiency events,
                                                       showcasing community service projects, exploring careers, attending educational
                                                      sessions and electing officers.

                 ​National Leadership Conference - Each summer Illinois FCCLA sends a delegation of students, advisers,
                                                       guests to the FCCLA National Leadership Conference.  This conference is held in 
                                                       various locations across the country.  A number of relevant youth issues, future
                                                       career options, youth violence prevention, family relations, traffic safety, community
                                                       service and the changing roles of men and women in the home and workplace are
                                                       explored at the conference.
                                                       The Illinois Foundation for FCCLA assumes a portion of the cost for the State Officers
                                                       and their Advisers to attend the conference.

                 Professional Development for Prospective and New Advisers - When funds are available, the Illinois 
                                                       Foundation for FCCLA budgets for the Executive Director to provide training and
                                                       resources for prospective and new advisers.  This is a vital component to the 
                                                       on-going success of the Illinois Association of FCCLA.
Board of Directors Members

  Jeannea Shier, Chenoa, IL  - Chair of the Board

Jackie Davis, Assumption IL  - Vice Chair

Nick Knuffman, Peoria, IL  - Sec/Treasurer

Gracie Gibbons, Altona, IL - Student Rep.
FCCLA Vice President of Foundation

Sarah Neill-Nelson, Altona,  IL - Adviser to Student Rep.

Wyatt Waterkotte, Mount Pulaski, IL  
IL FCCLA Alumni Association Representative

Sarah Neill-Nelson, Altona, IL

Annette Gullidge, Mount Vernon, IL

Susan P. Burge, Sherman, IL

Chelsea Lee Meyer, Bloomington, IL

Marta Lockwood, Sullivan, IL (Ex-officio)
​Executive Director for Illinois Association of FCCLA

Illinois State Board of Education
Family & Consumer Sciences Principal Consultant

Contribution Information

Contributions may be made payable to:

Illinois Foundation for FCCLA
P.O. Box 9127
Peoria, IL  61612

or to donate on-line
click the Donation tab.

All contributions are tax-deductible
and a contribution acknowledgement
will be sent to the donor.

Thank you for your  willingness to help
Illinois FCCLA members 
have the
​Ultimate Leadership Experience!